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Dingus of the week: Dax Shepard

MYAM Book Club: The Farm

The truth about the ‘marriageability gap’

Weekly thread: Your riskiest move

Sunday links: The marriage plot

Dingus of the week: Dress codes

MYAM Book Club: The Farm

‘Get involved, because the Nazis certainly are’

Weekly thread: Silly joys

Sunday Reads: Child poverty is a choice

Dingus of the week: The Washington Post

MYAM Book Club: The Farm

A good man is hard to find

Weekly thread: What are you saying "no" to?

Dingus of the Week: Definitely Not Sophie Turner

MYAM Book Club: The Farm

Despite a $2.46 Billion Settlement, Many Boy Scout Abuse Victims Won’t See Justice

Weekly Thread: It's Football Season

Weekly Links: A Fault Line

Dingus of the Week: Gerontocracy

Introducing the MYAM Book Club

Male Loneliness is Killing Us

Weekly Thread: How Do You Make a Home in THIS Economy?

Sunday Reads: Parenting the Political Divide

Dingus of the Week: Presidential Debates

We Get to Have Cake!: On Joy, Sadness, and Eating Alone

Weekly Thread: Cooking for a Crowd

Sunday Links: The Power of Girls

Dingus of the Week: Rudy Giuliani

The Agony and Excess of the State Fair

Weekly Thread: Cooking Alone

Sunday Reads: All The Things I Wanted to Tweet But Didn't

Dingus of the Week: Ohio GOP

The Secret Feminist History of Butter Cows

Weekly Thread: What Are You Reading?

Sunday Reads: I Worked Hard and I Deserve This

Dingus of the Week: Mike Pence

Who Benefits from the Politics of Resentment?

Weekly Thread: The Right Way to Age

Sunday Reads: Punishment, despair, Matchbox 20

Dingus of the Week: Climate Change Deniers

Everything and Nothing

Weekly Thread: Movies That Made You

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Dingus of the Week: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

This American Ex Wife: The Podcast

Weekly Thread: Your Relationship With Work

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All These Hysterical Women

Weekly Thread: What Did You Quit?

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We All Need Somebody Somewhere

Dingus of the Week: Scott Walker

When No One Listens

The Summer of the Whale

Weekly Thread: What Are Your Hobbies?

Sunday Reads: One Year Since Dobbs

Dingus of the Week: Stepson Brian

When It Comes to the Court, Accountability Matters

Weekly Thread: Summer Reads

Sunday Links: Fathers, Ice, and Remembering

Dingus of the Week: Senators Who Can’t Read So Good

Killing the Myth of The Guy You Want to Have a Beer With

Weekly Thread: What Did the Internet Make You Do?

Sunday Reads: Life is Long

Dingus of the Week: Where Are They Now Edition?

Inside a DeSantis rally in Cedar Rapids

Weekly Thread: Stories That Gave You Hope

Sunday Reads: Messy and Beautiful

Dingus of the Week: People Boycotting Target

When a Building Falls Who Gets to Be Saved?

Sunday Reads: Brands Are Not Our Friends

Dingus of the Week: The Dingularity

This Is Dedicated To Anyone Who Ever Left

Weekly Thread: What Are You Listening To?

Sunday Links: The People and Places Between

Dingus of The Week: Pivoting to Robots

How the Town of Delta Saved Its Fire Department

Weekly Thread: The Books That Made You

Sunday Reads: The Cost of Being Human

A Single Mom’s Manifesto for Mother’s Day

Dingus of the Week: The Pollen Count

He Told the Truth About Iowa’s Polluted Water and Then He Lost His Job

Weekly Thread: Your Favorite Recipe

Dingus of the Week: Prom Dads

Can You Look Her in the Eyes?: The Fight for LGBTQ Equality in Red States

Weekly Thread: Love Thy Neighbor

Sunday Reads: What We Think of as Terra Firma

Dingus of the Week: Steven Crowder

Tucker Carlson Set The World On Fire

Weekly Thread: The Joys of Being Alone

Sunday Reads: A Little Cannibalism

Dingus of the Week: The Montana GOP

It Was a Pleasure to Watch Them Play

Weekly Thread: Spring Cleaning

Sunday Reads: What to Do With A Bum Uterus?

Dingus of the Week: People Who Think Owning Nazi Memorabilia is Defensible Actually

The Truth About Going Home

Weekly Thread: What Makes You Happy This Week?

The Town of Baranow Sandomierski

‘We Aren’t Stuck Here’: Midwestern culture, basements, and disasters

The Great Polish Disappearing Act

Packing Light

Sunday Reads: Kirk Cameron is Less Popular Than Drag Queens

Dingus of the Week: Lawmakers Trying to Ban TikTok

The Most Important Election of 2023 Is Taking Place in Wisconsin

Weekly Thread: Your Best Travel Tips

Sunday Reads: How Many Friends Does One Man Need? 👯‍♂️

Dingus of the Week: Bosses

Who Gets Care and Who Gets to Die?

Weekly Thread🧵: Rooting For the Anti-Hero

Sunday Reads: 🔥Angela Bassett Did The Thing🔥

Dingus of the Week: Venture Capitalists

A Beautiful Day in the Gayborhood

Weekly Thread 🧵: What Movie Have You Loved Recently?

Sunday Links: Girls, Girls, Girls Online 👭

Dingus of the Week: Women’s History Month

Local Irritation

Weekly Thread 🧵: Your Own Personal Dingus: The Prisoners of Dingusland

The Cat We Didn't Name Creamy

Dingus of the Week: The “Liberal” Who Is Forced To Be Conservative

The Children Are Not Okay

Weekly Thread: What Are You Reading?

Sunday Reads: Leave Your Hysteria On The Dance Floor 💃

Dingus of the Week: Sparkling Content Curation

Medical Licensing Loopholes Can Put Patients at Risk

Weekly Thread: What Is A Good Life?

Sunday Reads: 🍰Sheet Cake🍰

Dingus of the Week: Definitely Not the Microsoft Bot

Men Are Lonely. But Women Are Being Attacked.

Weekly Thread: What Did You Wish You Had Known?

Sunday Reads: 🏈Patrick Mahomes Is a Class Act

Dingus of the Week: Adam Neumann

Marriage Is Not a Replacement For the Social Safety Net

Weekly 🧵 Thread: Banned Books

Sunday Reads: 🍤 A Good Son, A Shrimp-Ordering Son 🍤

Dinguses of the Week: Post Foods and Kirk Ferentz

Media's Money Problem

Weekly Thread: The Foods That Define You

Dingus of the Week: The Rainbow Conniption

When Public Money Becomes Private

Weekly Thread: Commercials We Love (and Hate)

Dingus of the Week: George Santos

Drinking Whiskey From Teacups

Weekly Thread: What's Happening in Your State?

Dingus of the Week: Missouri State Rep. Anne Kelly

The Business of Lost Things

Weekly Thread: What is Making You Happy?