What is Men Yell at Me?

This newsletter sits at the intersection of patriarchy and politics in red state America. Think of reading this newsletter as sitting down with a good friend over bourbon and yelling about politics and chatting about life.

This newsletter is personal, political, sometimes funny, and always raises hell.

I’ve written about the rise and fall of Gateway Computers, analyzed the influence of gas station culture, and I’ve written about motherhood and ambition.

This newsletter has been mentioned on MSNBC, in Nieman Labs, in On the Media and on WNYC.

About Lyz

I grew up in Texas, a home schooled Evangelical and one of eight kids. I went to college in Minnesota and moved to Iowa, where I began my career as a writer.

I’m a regular contributor to the Columbia Journalism Review, where I write profiles of influential people in the media from Chris Cillizza, to Tucker Carlson, and Gretchen Carlson. I’ve also written about the divorce of the disgraced former “dapper Nazi” Richard Spencer and recently I wrote about the radical right roots of Chuck Grassley’s rise to power. And, I’ve written about my own divorce in a now viral essay. Also, for a time, I was a columnist at my local paper where I exposed Ashton Kutcher’s failed non-profit and Iowa’s failed Covid response. (Weirdly, this also has a Kutcher angle.)

I’m an author of three books. God Land: A Story of Faith, Loss and Renewal in Middle America is a deeply personal and deeply reported investigation into the changing role of faith in the middle of the country. My most recent book Belabored: A Vindication of the Rights of Pregnant Women is part memoir and part manifesto arguing for the bodily autonomy of all people. My third book, This American Ex Wife, is out now from Crown. I also wrote an Audible original audiobook about my weird and wonderful childhood.

I live in Iowa with my two kids, my wolf dog Dolly and tiny dog Jolene.

What Is This Newsletter?

It’s a newsletter that examines the intersection of personhood and politics. I write essays about feminism, gas stations, and the state fair. Here are some of my most popular ones.

Why pay?

Small newsrooms are collapsing. Bigger media companies are shedding jobs like a snake sheds skin. Pandemic isn’t helping. The political realities of community reporting means that some stories don’t get told. And I believe writing and reporting is made richer when writers and reporters can live and work in places where “big media” isn’t.

Subscribing enables me to tell big bold stories, with a voice and passion.

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Written from a journalist in a red state, this newsletter is personal, political, sometimes funny and always raises hell.


Lyz is a journalist and author living in Iowa. She has written three books, God Land, Belabored, and This American Ex Wife, will be published in 2024. In her newsletter Men Yell At Me, she explores politics and personhood in red state America.