Gretchen Carlson will not acknowledge you

Yesterday, the CJR published a profile I wrote about Gretchen Carlson. She’s the former Fox News host who has found a new role as a #MeToo hero in the wake of her lawsuit against Roger Ailes. The story was one that was assigned by the Huffington Post. I was excited. I was one degree from Gretchen in so many ways. A local TV anchor is her friend. Another woman I know, has hung out at her house! I began working on the story and while in the middle of writing a draft, my editor was laid off. I was assured the outlet still wanted the story. So I sent in the draft to a new editor, who had me go through some revisions. Then, he called me one day, during what ended up being a kind of shitty trip to DC (well not entirely shitty, but okay, kind of shitty) and told me the story was dead. They didn’t want it. There were a lot of reasons. None of which I’m going to list here, because honestly, I didn’t really understand them. But the editor is a good editor and does amazing work. And I didn’t understand the reasons because I wasn’t really listening. I had already spent the day crying in a strange city from one sort of rejection. So, I just said, “okay thank you.” And we hung up. And then I cried again because of another rejection.

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