Coming soon

I'm working on it, you monsters

The first edition of this newsletter will be free and feature an email from a one Tucker Carlson. So sign up right this second.

After that, I will send some free emails, with stories and updates, but a lot of the content you want—screen grabs from leaked internal Axios emails, weird texts from girlfriends of Nazis, stories about reporters who had to pump their breast milk before interviewing a murderer—all that will be premium.

Right now, it’s $5 a month to subscribe, but I made the yearly rate $30 while this gets off the ground.

(The art for this post was done by my 7yo child, who would like you all to know she was paid $10 for this and that’s about how much I was paid for my first paid blog post. Also those are word bubbles that are supposed to be people yelling at me. The confusing one is supposed to be “dumy is Lyz” also the computer is an Apple, but I actually use a Chromebook.)