Feb 25, 2021 • 25M

Rad Ladies Episode 3: Why Doesn't Oprah Like Your Book?

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Just two rad ladies (one mom and one daughter) trying to figure out the world by asking all the questions they can.
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In this episode of Rad Ladies, Lyz and Sunshine talk to Elon Green and his eight-year-old son Patty*, about being a kid with a writer parent, ideas for writing, Oprah, and changes to the podcast. Come for the cute voices, stay for the sick burns. Also, everyone forces me to confess my favorite sibling.

The podcast will be public from now on, because my kid is very persuasive.

Sorry about the delay. Our production engineer (ME!) broke her wrist.

Thank you to Scott Holmes for the music.

Now, Rad Ladies is available on Spotify!

Also, pre-order Elon’s book!!

*Not his real name.