Dec 30, 2020 • 27M

Rad Ladies Episode 1: "I Like to Fight"

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Just two rad ladies (one mom and one daughter) trying to figure out the world by asking all the questions they can.
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Hello and welcome to the Rad Ladies podcast. This podcast is the brainchild of my human child — my 9-year-old daughter. Despite the fact that she says in the podcast this is my idea, it’s really both of ours. Hers because she thought of it, and me because I made it happen. In the podcast, we are calling her “Sunshine” to ensure her digital privacy. Because while she is fine with us using her name, how much can a 9-year-old consent to her name being used in a digital space? Also, I love you all, but some of you are actual monsters.

I’ve called her Sunshine since she was a tiny baby, because of her sunny personality. I’ve always been impressed with how she’s never afraid to talk to anyone about anything. And it’s incredible to see the human she’s becoming. I’m so proud of her. Plus, her questions were tough!

For our first episode, she interviewed Lyz Lenz (that’s me!) about parenting during a pandemic, a devastating natural disaster, and a book launch.

You can read about that here.

Plus, there’s a special guest appearance from a small brother and his Magic 8-Ball.

We did have to bleep out her name once, and I’m still learning to edit audio, so please be patient. But we hope to have some fun guests and have a great time. Special thank you to Al Letson, who talked me through editing my first podcast. Where it is good, that’s him. Where the sound is a little fried because I didn’t know how to turn down the microphone, that’s me! I’ll fix it in the next episode.

But our audio setup is pretty sweet these days. And I’m proud of how I’ve figured all this out. And now I’m gonna start making podcasts left and right, and you are all gonna regret it.

With the exception of this episode of Rad Ladies and maybe one other, this podcast will be for subscribers only. The goal of that is to, again, protect my kids’ digital privacy. It’s a tough line I’ve been walking since my early blogging days, and I am not sure I’ve always been on the right side, but it’s something we talk a lot about. And I think for one episode, we will talk about digital privacy.

If you have questions or ideas for episodes or want to send Sunshine a message, let us know in the comments. Also, she is in charge. So, if you have an amazing idea and we don’t do it, that’s her. Nine year olds are very hard to impress.


Host: Sunshine

Guest appearance: JQ

Art: Sunshine

Audio engineer: Me

Producer: ME

Executive Producer: Al Letson (sorry, Al)

Music: Scott Holmes